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Hey all it's Thanksgiving! :la: even though I've need sicker than at dog...and ate so little food today I still want to give thanks for my family, friends, and all the blessings I get each day. Hope you guys have a wonderful (stuff you face American) holiday. And even if you don't celebrate thanksgiving it's still a good thing to take a few min today and think about the things you are greatful for.

Misfitisle by lavenderdomain
Map for the new group :iconmisfit-isle:  Come join us ;u; we'd love to have you. 
Chibi Tara by lavenderdomain
Chibi Tara
such a cute rp! :iconpapmingplz:  Par's first impression of her, 'boy she's an adventurous Southern Bell //shot

I can just imagine her pulling out the ponytail to let her silvery hair fly in the night air! 

Tara belongs to :iconteeniegaara:
Chibi Mai by lavenderdomain
Chibi Mai
Thanks so much for rping with me (and being soooo patient when I go so slooowww lol) :iconpapmingplz: she is soooo cute!
IDK whats with the background....
Mai belongs tooooo.... :iconautumn-clockw0rk:
Roanan by lavenderdomain
I spent....wwwaaayyyy tooo much time on my curly...prince....alskdfjlskjdf //rolls away :iconlazycryplz:

Name: Roanan Anders (roe-nan)

Age: 170 (give or take a few years)

Gender: Male

Toy Form: Tin Soldier

-Human form: 6 ft
-Toy form:  10.5''

-Human form: 165 lbs
-Toy form: 1.5 lbs

Profession: Head Medic
-Responsible for mending, repairing, and providing medical services for the toys on the Isle (Services can be received while they are in toy or human form).
-Includes medical aid for beasts and pets, but prefers to help toys.

Weapons: Sword

Abilities: TBA

Personality: Proud, Bold, Carefree,  a bit arrogant, vain, perfectionist and narcissistic at times.

-Proud and stubborn- With his back straight and head held high, he feeds off compliments and craves the attention and acceptance from others.  If you told him he looks stunning in all black (though he hates the color) the next day you may find him showing off the new suit…perhaps after a lot of convincing.

-Bold-  He isn't at all afraid to speak his mind, even if it could be offensive and a sometimes rude, though it’s not his intention.  If a situation isn’t going in his favor, he does what it takes to gain the upper hand.

-Blithe- When insulted he brushes it off and doesn’t seem to care or show that he’s hurt.  Showing weakness in his mind is not an acceptation and he often scolds himself when appearing weak.  Even though he seems careless with many things, his work as a medic is very important to him, and is very responsible in his duties.

-A little Arrogant and Vain- Every day is like being on stage, everyone is watching and judging him, so he must portray himself as a likable, strong character.  His princely attitude can at times be overbearing and often pushes people away.  He hasn’t grasped the fact that acting this way isn’t the way to form healthy long-lasting relationships.    
-A Narcissistic Perfectionist- Outward appearance and imagery are very important to Roanan.  The idea that everything must be perfect has evolved into an unhealthy obsession.  It isn't rare to find him 'stuck' in front of a mirror straightening his coat and pressing down wrinkles over and over again till it 'feels right.'  His self-centered, overconfident attitude is secretly used as a shield to nurse the wounds of instability and crumbling self-esteem.  If others see him as wonderful, who’s to say he’s not?  When working as a Medic however, his true self appears while devoting his time to 'perfecting' and mending others.  Self-less service brings out the best in him and he becomes completely unaware or concerned about acting in his ‘puffed up’ prince like manner.  



-New Clothes

-Attention and being praised/noticed

-His brothers (though at times doesn't show it)



-Feeling and looking weak or vulnerable around others.

-People who argue and disagree with his ideas.

-Being alone- Self talk turns to self-hatred and criticism; it’s best to be around others to avoid those kinds of thoughts.



Roanan was created in a set of 6 tin soldiers in 1844.  The set was given to a young boy who lovingly played with and cared for each of them.  It wasn’t long till he and the rest of his brothers were sent to the attic, but he didn’t care as long as they were with him.  They helped him feel complete and happy.  Back then he had a calm,humble, and passive personality, quietly observing his brothers and learning from them.  As happy as he was then, even he knew the happiness wouldn’t last forever.  The years rolled by, ten in fact till him and his brothers were put on sale in a toy shop.  A few of them went to a young girl, while he and the two others were given to her cousin.  It was hard being separated from the rest, but he was glad to at least be with some of his brothers.  The young owner played with and loved all three of them and he became happy once again.  Seasons change and go, and the now 13 year older boy left Roanan and his two brothers on a shelf together to collect dust. 

When the boy became and adult he gave the three soldiers to a passing neighbor boy and his other two friends.  This new separated made Roanan feel sad and alone, even when he was with other toys, it didn't satisfy the numbning pain of his depression. The new boy didn’t take good care of Roanan as his previous owners had.  He was dropped and tossed till the extensive rough-housing chipped and cracked and cracked his face.  After that playtime was different.  The boy, seeing that Roanan was 'broken' didn't play with him as much.  Once he played as the hero, and now he was now reduced to a side character. 

After acting in 'minor roles' and being left on the shelf to watch other toys being played with fuled the feelings of jelousy and anger.  In his mind, the only way he could be a better is if he'd change how others look at him.  He was no longer passive and quiet with the other toys but began acting out, doing things to make himself appear strong and fearless.  His acting continued to grow till he convince himself that he was practically a prince and should be treated as such.   

This acting only pushed the other toys away, and it didn't take long before he and the others were donated to charitty and shipped off to another part of the world.  A bad storm shifted the cargo bellow, and as the cargo was passed to anther ship, the box he was in, dropped to the ocean and drifted away and washed up to the Island where he met Monday.  He gained a great respect for her and accepted the offer to work as a Medic for other toys and animals on the island.  

-He is hard of hearing in his left ear and blind in his left eye, so he'll stands with the right side of his body faceing towards others when spoken too. 
-If Miss Monday wants something done, hes sure to do it asap.  She has a strange way of breaking through his 'shield' and pulling out his tenderness. 



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Hey all it's Thanksgiving! :la: even though I've need sicker than at dog...and ate so little food today I still want to give thanks for my family, friends, and all the blessings I get each day. Hope you guys have a wonderful (stuff you face American) holiday. And even if you don't celebrate thanksgiving it's still a good thing to take a few min today and think about the things you are greatful for.


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