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Backgrounds with lots of details and one or more characters in them.  More than 2 characters in picture will cost an extra 100 per character.  Just send me a note of what you want and I'll do the best I can.    
Chibi Tara by lavenderdomain
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Color or black and white. If you want an elaborate background (and not just some color splash) that would be an extra 100 more. If you wish to add more than one character in the drawing it will be an extra 200 per character.



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Merry Christmas

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 25, 2014, 9:04 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Hey All!

During this time of gift giving and recieving let us not forget the reason for the season.  Today we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. He was the greatest gift given to the world and I am so thankful for that! Merry Christmas all!



2014 art by lavenderdomain
2014 art
Wow, I wasn't that active this year when it comes to art :icontearplz: I shall do better this year for sure!
June by lavenderdomain

 June Song

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Nationality:  American

Digivice: Pedometer

Digital shard: Courage

Height/weight: 5'4" 130 lbs

DOB:  July 16

-Father: Derrick Song
-Mother: Lilly Gilbert
-Twin Sister: Jade Song

Energetic | Adventuresome | Protective | Daring | Sporty

-June loves doing sports, especially volleyball and swimming.  Sometimes she will try to show off and be the better team player.

-She’s a bit of a tough girl and often tells people who get hurt to ‘rub some dirt in it’ but she is still very loving and will give a hug once in a while…when it’s really needed (in her opinion). 

-June loves adventures and trying new things.  Sitting indoors on a couch for a long time isn’t her thing.  If she wants to relax, it would be under a tree or in a swimming pool.  

-Being patient isn’t one of her strong points.  If things aren’t going as fast as she’d like or how she planned them to go, it makes her very frustrated and she tends acts out towards others. 

-Talking to strangers and meeting new people isn’t hard for her since she is an extrovert.  Sometimes she can be a bit overbearing with her outgoing personality and that could drive others away, especially when she speaks her mind a lot.


June was born and raised by bother parents in a small house in California by the sea.  She loved going to the beach to play in the sand and explore rocky coves with her twin sister Jade.  Both parents worked most of the day and she didn’t see them as often as she would like to, so she filled her free time with many outdoor activities.  Both she and Jade were very close growing up and did everything together.  Even though they were best of friends they were very competitive with each other, especially when it came to sports. 

In school, they both competed in swimming and Volleyball.  Her sister Jade was better at both sports and she couldn’t help but feel jealous.  June practiced each day to try and outshine her sister and would sometimes wish that her sister chose some other sport.  When they both turned 14 the family went on vacation to the Grand Canyon and amongst one of their hikes, she and Jade where racing up a steep rock wall when Jade slipped and fell.  Her sister was knocked out cold, rushed to the hospital and suffered permanent injury her back.  She was injured to the point where she could no longer compete in sports as before and had to quit all together. 

Things were different then between she and Jade after that.  June felt bad for what happened to her sister, and felt guilty that she could still compete and do sports where her sister couldn’t.  There were times when she wouldn’t talk to Jade about sports or anything that she did, worrying that it would only make her sister feel worse.

Half a year passed after her sister’s accident before her father was sent to Japan for his job.  Since he worked for the military, the entire family moved out within a week, giving June little time to say goodbye to all her friends.  June hated to leave California but she had no choice and when they arrived into their new apartment building, things started to settle and both she and Jade were put in different schools. Even though it was hard to get use to their new home she made friends and started competing in sports again.

Sports helped her pass the time and let go of stress but what she really wanted was someone to talk to as she didn’t feel she could talk to Jade about her problems.  Jade had enough on her plate than to help June.  So when her frustration began to get too overwhelming she’d run to a park not far from her house and relax under a tree while listening to music.  The day she found the digimon egg was on a rough days.  She did horrible at volleyball practice and got in a big fight with one of her best friend.  Instead of returning home after school, she went to the park and cried under the willow.  She was there for a few hours before she looked up in the tree and noticed a large egg resting on one of its larger branches.  The Pedometer on her waist was making strange beeping sounds as she climbed up the thick branch, grabbed the egg, and took it home. 

The egg’s shell was hard, and she thought about opening it (thinking it could have been full of candies) but decided against it.  The egg lay under her bed for a few days almost forgotten till one night it hatched.  The little white, dough-like digimon was very shy and little weird to her at first but he later became her best friend.  Jade would sneak Dewmon to school in her backpack and later took him to the park.  Their bond grew as she talked to him about anything.  He’d listen in his calm manner and help her feel at peace.  She introduced him to Jade, and later her parents who accepted the digimon as part of the family.   

Additional Information: 


-Parties, Social Gatherings




-Nature (The Ocean, forests, mountains…you name it)



-Being bored

-Winter (not much to do outside in the cold)

-Big Cities with little nature


Digimon Info

Personality: June’s Digimon is a very shy, quiet Digimon.  He doesn’t say much to others but loves to give advice to June.  His laidback, calm, tranquil, attitude and tone can at times be annoying to June, as she is very energetic and often loud.  In a large group, June does most of the talking, unless her Digimon is singled out with a direct question, but if not he won’t say much.  He has a great connection with the spiritual side of life, and can sit in a forest for hours quietly listening and observing.  He doesn’t like to get into fights but if June is in trouble he will turn and defender her at all costs. If June’s Digimon were to do any sport it would certainly be yoga, as he is very patient, passive, and likes feeling inner and outer peace. 

Additional info: 

-There is a yellowish stripe that goes from the top of his head down his back (it’s usually covered by the red hood he likes to wear) and he doesn’t have catlike ears (even though the hood makes it appear that way).

Digimon evolutions

♦Dewmon (In Training)
-Acid Sting: He spits a stream of sticky acid from his mouth.

♦ Atolmon (Rookie)- derived from the axolotl, or Mexican Salamander.

-Quick Slash: He swipes at his opponent with his large clawed hands.
-Silver Spray: He sprays a poison from his mouth that causes pain and numbs the targeted area or limb.    

♦Ambystomon (Champion)- derived from the Mexican salamander’s scientific name: Ambystoma Mexicanum)

♦Mecambystomon (Ultimate)

♦  TBA (Mega)

Role-play Info
Time zone: Mountain Standard
RP style: Lit or Script (Warning….I can put a lot of details into my posts ;v;)
RP methods: (from 1st option to last) Skype, Chatroom or notes.  If you want to rp just send me a note and we can go for it. ^^ 



Blue Spirit by lavenderdomain
Blue Spirit
Hey, have you guys seen Legend of Korra?  Am I the only one that wants to keep the dark spirit that attacks her in Season 2 ep 1 as a pet? laksdjflskjfd :iconlazycryplz: its sooo cute (keeps it forever).

Anyways, the blue spirit doesn't belong to me, I am just doing some fan art....and am getting out some frustrations because my other drawings aren't turning out like I want them to.  Enjoy my random fan art :iconpapmingplz: 

Merry Christmas

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 25, 2014, 9:04 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Hey All!

During this time of gift giving and recieving let us not forget the reason for the season.  Today we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. He was the greatest gift given to the world and I am so thankful for that! Merry Christmas all!




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