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Living a Dream by lavenderdomain
Resting on the Roof by lavenderdomain
A Lavender Umbrella by lavenderdomain
Backgrounds with lots of details and one or more characters in them.  More than 2 characters in picture will cost an extra 100 per character.  Just send me a note of what you want and I'll do the best I can.    
Chibi Tara by lavenderdomain
Chibi Mai by lavenderdomain
Color or black and white. If you want an elaborate background (and not just some color splash) that would be an extra 100 more. If you wish to add more than one character in the drawing it will be an extra 200 per character.



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United States
Hey all it's Thanksgiving! :la: even though I've need sicker than at dog...and ate so little food today I still want to give thanks for my family, friends, and all the blessings I get each day. Hope you guys have a wonderful (stuff you face American) holiday. And even if you don't celebrate thanksgiving it's still a good thing to take a few min today and think about the things you are greatful for.



Living a Dream by lavenderdomain
Living a Dream
So, this started out as a sketch....then I added some layers, messed around and decided to finish it.  Its been forever since I've drawn my mayor James.  :'D There is a lot of symbolism in this.  Ill just say hes in his room (not outside or anything lol)
Jen Ying by lavenderdomain
Jen Ying
WIP, not done yet, but just wanted you to see her before I keep going lakjdflaksjdf //roollls away 

Name: Jen Ying

Age: Appears 19 but is actually 4.

Gender: Female

Toy form: plush panda

Height: Human form is 5ft and her toy form is 1ft.

Weight: 100lbs in human form, 20lbs in toy form.

Profession: Designer

Weapons: Voodoo and her Fans of course

Abilities: TBA

Personality: Sweet, Happy, Energetic, Curious, Very outgoing and Friendly

-Sweet and Happy:  She is very loving and generous to all.  You hardly see her with a frown on.  Life is too full of wonders to let sadness in.
-Energetic and Curious- Jen loves explore and do do new things.  Because she’s practically fearless she often lets her curiosity get the better of her and can get into trouble at times.
-Very Outgoing and Friendly:  She has no problem making new friends and can talk to just about anyone.  It takes a lot to offend her or make her upset.

Background: Jen was a toy panda made in mainland China.  (too be continued…….)



-New clothes and colorful things.
-Parties, music, and dancing.
-To sew and do makeovers!
-Sparing and working out (to improve her fighting skills aka using her fans)
-Making new friends and making things for them.


-Bullies and mean people.
-When she is ignored
-Seeing people sad

Resting on the Roof by lavenderdomain
Resting on the Roof
His mission basically consists of playing on the roof to draw attention (away from HQ of course) :iconmingplz:  His spade suit....looks like workout sweats....orz...even after I said I wouldn't put him in a hoodie....hes in one //shot 

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:icondragonglomp: Hi Lav
lavenderdomain Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014
kajhflaksdj fNNNNNNEEEEESSSHHHH!!! :iconhappytearsplz: oh gosh it has been forever!! How goes it?  Are you joining Misfit Isle?
neshemadarkangel Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014
I know I missed you! I am pregnant with my second child. Not sure if I will join since I haven't roleplayed in a long time. I usually don't have a normal schedule for getting on the net with a 10 month old. How are you doing?
lavenderdomain Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014
Wow congrats!  hahaha I understand, you can still join the group and just rp with notes with one person if you want.  Or you can join just to give support to the group and draw a character.. ^^
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Hey been awhile since we have last chat I hope you are doing well:)?
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Hey I'm doing good. Just working a ton and been really busy. ^^' how are you doing?
maialunatoffee Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm doing very well taking a 2 week break from work and just relaxing.

I hope u upload again someday^^
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alkdjflakjdf you like my art that much?! :icontearplz: well thanks!!!! ;u; I hope to upload something this week. ^^
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Thanks for the :+devwatch:! :D
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I love your art!
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