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Living a Dream by lavenderdomain
Resting on the Roof by lavenderdomain
A Lavender Umbrella by lavenderdomain
Backgrounds with lots of details and one or more characters in them.  More than 2 characters in picture will cost an extra 100 per character.  Just send me a note of what you want and I'll do the best I can.    
Chibi Tara by lavenderdomain
Chibi Mai by lavenderdomain
Color or black and white. If you want an elaborate background (and not just some color splash) that would be an extra 100 more. If you wish to add more than one character in the drawing it will be an extra 200 per character.



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The points will go to the group :iconmisfit-isle: that my friend has to made. We are trying to make it into a super group. :) Every little bit counts and is appreciated.

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A great Rp group

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 16, 2015, 12:22 PM
Your Title - version 2.0


Hello all,

i just joined a cool Inuyasha based group called :icongoshinbokuu: and the mods are extending the opening by March 1st if you send them a note. The people there are friendly and its a new group, so perfect to meet new people and rp.  So go ahead and note the founder and get your character done. :)



Chika and the tree by lavenderdomain
Chika and the tree
Chika is just so cute! ;u; I wanted to draw her sitting by/on a tree (probably like her friend tree or something) :iconmingplz: Just a way of saying thanks for rping with me (even when I'm supper slow at responding hahha)

Chika belongs to the lovely :iconkultasuu:
Rinzler by lavenderdomain
I love Tron Legacy and so I decided to draw my fave character. Hes like the best, I love Rinzler!! :iconloveloveplz: (takes him home ^u^)  Anyways, I started and finished this today after work (dudes, that like never happens!) so I'm posting it.  Hope you guys like it ^^ Still kinda hate how the foot turned out....orz..oh well.. 
DG-T: PartuceWindsor by lavenderdomain
DG-T: PartuceWindsor
Skype-Chat-Notes  (I have been putting this off for far to long...finally done orz)

[ INFO ]
Name: Partuce 
Card of Choice: Six of Spades
Rank: D

BJBB: Partuce [SPADES] by lavenderdomain

Mai | Claire | Tara             (only girls....ming)

[ OOC Notes ]
-I wouldn't mind rping through notes or skype.  Send me a note if you want to rp.  I have tried google docs but often forget about the doc rps (So sorry for those I am neglecting....)

A great Rp group

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 16, 2015, 12:22 PM
Your Title - version 2.0


Hello all,

i just joined a cool Inuyasha based group called :icongoshinbokuu: and the mods are extending the opening by March 1st if you send them a note. The people there are friendly and its a new group, so perfect to meet new people and rp.  So go ahead and note the founder and get your character done. :)


Goshinbokuu: Sukoshi app by lavenderdomain
Goshinbokuu: Sukoshi app

:icongoshinbokuu: Just want to give special thanks to :iconzwirrow: for helping me with transparency //since I failed at doing it :iconpapmingplz:  I owe you one dude

Name: Sukoshi

 Age: 25

Gender: Male

Class & Species: Pureblood, Shikigami spirit…  

Height: 4ft 5inches

Weight: 70 lbs. 

Sukoshi beliefes are more towards Tsuyosatama (or Strenght).  He believes that any gem that has great power shouldn’t be destroyed or locked away, but should be used for benefitting others.    

Abilities & Skills:  

-Quick:  He is and light on his feet at short distances and usines that to his advantage to make a fast attacks.

-Camouflage: When hiding he can easily blend in with his background and not be noticed.  He can appear like a wall shadow for a short period of time, or just enough time to get away.  

-Spell caster: Can create some water and wind based spells for protection and attacks.

Weapons & Powers

-Main Weapon- Spells: water and wind based (strongest when raining/snowing)
    -Whirlwind: Strong gusts of wind used to knock opponents off their feet or slow                 them down.
    -Watertears: Waves of water or ice crystals used to tear through fabric, wood and         even skin.
    -Ice barrier:  Temporary ice wall formed in front of Sukoshi to shield from some                 attacks

-Sub Weapon: Small Wind Dagger:  Its light weight and smaller size makes it easy to wield and carry.  The dagger isn’t used for close combat (though it can be when needed) but instead is used for transferring and shooting energy from the wielder to enemy with an aerial attack.  It’s similar to how a bow shoots arrows. 

Misc weapons/Items 

-Sleep Powder:  When mixed in a drink or food, the consumer falls asleep and will stay that way for 24hrs.


-Long Distance fighting: He uses spells (water/ice based) and magic that is stronger when he stands in water, or its raining.  

-Hiding: He can easily sneak up on others without being noticed, and hide away if hes outmatched by an attacker.

-Dodging:  His quick steps help him avoid getting hurt by some attacks (but not all mind you)


 -Close range fighting: Because of his small size and lack of long term physical strength, he does poorly in most hand to hand combats.

-Long-term Fighting:  He can gets worn out quickly, and won’t last long if he’s being hunted down.

-Fire attacks: The heat and smoke make it hard for him to breathe or focus his attacks.  It’s difficult for him to fight to his full potential when attacked by this element.  


Shy || Quiet || Wary || Childish || Jealous || Curious || Acts Tough || Introvert

After living in solitude for so many years Sukoshi has become curious and will happily explore any new thing and place without thinking of the danger it might hold.  He loves to silently follow people and run around hiding and spying on others.  He doesn’t say a lot, and isn’t much of a social butterfly but would someday love to make a long lasting friend.   

Since Sukoshi is small in stature and others might see him as vulnerable, or cute, he doesn’t smile or laugh a lot.  He likes to acts tough, (though he does it in a childish way) so he’s not treated like a helpless child.

Sukoshi can be very jealous of others, especially if they have something he wants or doesn’t have and will often try to steal it.  He doesn’t like to share, and ask others to give him things. 



Sukoshi was first summoned as a Shikigami by an Onmyoji name Nami.  The sorceres Nami lived in a large estate by a mountain Shinto and worked practicing magic to protect the Shinto from evil spirits.  She needed a Shikigami to work by her side and do her bidding, hence Sukoshi was born.

 Once Sukoshi was summoned, he quickly learned to cast the protection spells for the Shinto and while Nami left to do other work, he stayed behind and performed the ritual.  Sukoshi became stronger as he learned how to cast water and wind spells for quick attacks instead of the usual protection spell against demonds or evil spirits.

As the years past, Nami grew very fond of Sukoshi and began to spoil and treat him like a treasured pet more than a servant.  She dressed him in fancy robes and always made a fuss if he got dirty or messy.  His health began to deteriorate as he spent more time inside the Shinto than out in the fresh air.  When he spoke of leaving with Nami his requests were ignored, but that only added fire to the rebellion that slowly rose in his heart. 

While Nami was away, Sukoshi snuck out for an hour to explore mountain and forests by the Shinto.   He was quickly caught by Nami and she became so upset that she put a binding curse on him so if he left the Shinto, his body would be petrified.

After being cursed, Sukoshi became vengeful and secretly searched and ploted for a way to escape and free himself form the binding curse.  One night, while preparing Nami’s meal, Sukoshi put sleeping powder in her drink and clocked it with a spells so that she wouldn’t be suspicious.  After she fell asleep Sukoshi permanently branded a symbol on his hand that would break her curse and also break the connection he had with her as her former Shikaigmi.  He left the Shinto that night and quickly traveled and hid through nearby villages getting as far away from her as he could.  He was now free, but even though the curse and connection with Nami was broke the fear of her finding him always stays in the back of his mind, pushing him to travel on and become strong.

Partner Aids: None at the moment 



-Standing outside in the rain

-To touch and play with long hair (not in a pervy way orz)

-Flowers, and gardens


-Large Fires

-Activities that require a lot of physical effort (like long distance running).

-Being seen as ‘cute’ or treated like a child.





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